A game where controls are gesture based, its Severed.

So everyone remembers playing the La Mexico adventure game named Guacamelee! which was developed by Drinkbox Studios. It was a game full of weird elements and a story based in Mexico. The weirdest thin in the game was becoming a chicken and attacking your enemies. Drinkbox has also released it for consoles with special versions.

Severed is a touch based game where the lead protagonist wakes up without an arm and the story continues from there. The kizi games is a dungeon crawler, an open-world with many places to explore and go. You will start without an arm but as you progress throughout the game, you will face many enemies, defeat them and equip their parts and make yourself better and powerful.

As the post’s subtitle says, it is inspired by three popular classic kizi games First is Mega Man, the game’s big open-world and exploring stuff is something inspired by Mega Man. Infinity Blade has given the game its gesture based controls which I really like on touch screen devices. The third and final game is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! and if you have played it you remember that for defeating each boxer you needed a different strategy and the same thing applies to Severed here.

“The high-level structure is kind of like a Mega Man structure I would say,You can go down one path, or you can try going down one path and if it’s not really working you can go down a different path and try that path, get the new piece of armor or whatever it is from that path, and then try that first path again [as] you’ll be more upgraded.” As said by the game’s lead designer Greg Lesky.

So the trailer feels like its going to be a pretty amazing game for sure. Running here and there searching for enemies so you can become a total badass and because it is going to be a gesture based game so we can expect it for the mobile platforms. The release is expected in 2015 so you never know what changes will the developers make.