If the kid refuses to take food in preschool

Many moms and dads often hear that their child refuses to eat in preschool. The reason for this can be anything.

If you just recently sent a kindergarten to a kindergarten, then you should not be surprised at the problem that has arisen. After all, your child is experiencing considerable stress. Only time will help here. You should not force the child to eat against his will.

After a certain period of time, your young creation will get used to the institution and the team. And then it will begin to consume food along with everyone.

It is not necessary to exclude the fact that the food in a preschool institution is somewhat different from the menu to which the kid is used. In order to avoid this problem, you need to start cooking similar meals for the children before it starts attending kindergarten.

Keep in mind that if you feed the crumbs with only one "delights", then in the kindergarten, he just will always go hungry. So we strongly recommend that you, for his own good, teach him to eat simple, but healthy foods.

What else can cause the child to refuse to eat in preschool? You shouldn’t exclude that the little one cannot consume food by itself.

If a child attends a public garden, then the group is likely to have a large number of babies. In this case, the teacher, as a rule, is simply not able to approach each pupil. Thus, the crumb remains hungry.

To avoid such a situation, you should teach your son or daughter to consume food with a spoon without help.

There are situations when the child refuses to eat because of unpleasant associations. Let's say, mom every time during the meal for something criticizes him.

What can be done if the toddler does not want to consume food in the kindergarten? If you have just recently given a crumb to the institution, then you just have to wait for time. Then the baby will definitely start to eat along with everyone.

Ask the caretaker to pay attention to the children to the children who, with great appetite, consume the dishes set for them. Then the crumb, perhaps, will repeat for those kids.

Explain the toddler that he must respect the chefs working in the kindergarten. After all, they are forced to get up a little light and run to work to feed the kids.

Scarce must know that if he refuses to eat, this will show disrespect to the workers of the dining room. And if he eats a little bit, then this will show them his gratitude.

When you begin to create for the young creation of any dish, ask him to help you. Then certainly praise him. If the little one will understand cooking at least a little bit, then he will never reject the food that will be offered to him in the children's institution.

Meal should be for the young creation a pleasant procedure. However, overdoing, too, should not be. Do not turn food consumption into a “concert”. Many adults make a big mistake when they begin to dance in front of the child, play all sorts of small pieces and “turn into helicopters” spoons.

You should remember once and for all that a teacher in a preschool institution will never “dance” in front of the pupils so that they “have a little snack.”

Great if you have other kids. Then your baby in their society, most likely, with great pleasure will consume food. If there are no brothers and little sisters, then you can sit at the table with large dolls. sexescortguide.com