What will happen to the body if a person quits smoking?

Smoking destroys a total of about 5 million people annually around the world. If a person starts smoking, then he shortens his life by an average of 15-20 years, and that is not counting the many fatal diseases that are most likely to occur in a smoker. Many argue that for them it has become just a habit, someone can not quit because of stress or a long smoking period, someone, especially young people, smokes because it is “cool” and helps to “join the company”. And some say they lack motivation.
Here's what happens to the body when a person quits smoking:
1) First of all, a person will feel uncomfortable without another “puff”. Anxiety, irritability, increased appetite, headache will appear, sleep will be disturbed, the appetite will decrease or vice versa, chills, nausea and severe weakness are possible. But do not forget that smoking is a drug, and all of the above symptoms are a typical “breaking up” of an addict. You just have to go through it, but then the body will say "thank you."
1) Your breathing will improve. It will take less time and effort to climb stairs, shortness of breath will not be as strong and fast as it used to be, coughing will also become less frequent, hoarseness will decrease, sense of smell and touch will improve.
2) Appearance: skin will refresh and brighten, acne will become less noticeable, pigment spots will disappear; hair condition will improve, they will grow faster and become healthy; the teeth will gradually become natural again, the yellowness will disappear.
3) Performance: memory will improve, the brain will start to work better, absent-mindedness will disappear, productivity and perseverance will increase, additional energy will appear that can be spent on sports or simple walks along the street, which even better contributes to the rejection of addiction.
3) Sleep normalizes, irritability and anxiety decrease markedly, the body will be less stressed.
4) The body will become less susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system, reducing the risk of such diverse diseases as cancer, diabetes, stroke, aneurysm, cataracts, gastritis, infertility, and many others.
There are many more positives than negative ones. Quitting smoking is a very difficult and crucial step, but it will lead to health and prolong life for many years. Moreno Valley Towing