Atelier tailoring stylish men's coats to order

The wardrobe of every modern successful man should include a coat. Not a single detail of the men's room gives it such sophistication and elegance. Correctly choose this piece of clothing to suit, without violating the integrity of the image and harmony of the combination of texture and color, will help the best designers of our studio. Sew a coat to order according to your lifestyle, temperament and character, interests and passions for our masters is a top priority. That is why the item ordered from us will always be the main element of your unique style.
Our studio on tailoring men's coats "NAME" produces only perfect things. Moreover, craftsmen strive to maximize the use of the wide possibilities for sewing open to them. In our catalogs you can see classic-style products, casual models for everyday wear, and a wide selection of sports models.
Sewing a coat to order each model is thought out to perfection, to the smallest details. We know that in the manufacture of garments of this type, great attention must be paid to its functional and consumer characteristics. At the same time, convenience and comfort must necessarily be combined with aesthetics. For these reasons, for tailoring stylish classic, both long and short coats to order, we widely use modern waterproof fabrics, waterproof and breathable natural materials, as well as non-wrinkled fabrics, specially created for long journeys.
It should be noted that in our studio for making men's coats, particular preference is given to cashmere - a material with a rich history and unique properties. Cashmere outerwear has the ability to bring closer to the traditions of real luxury, and also provides an opportunity to acquire in its image a touch of discreet chic and elegant simplicity that distinguishes a successful person.
Of interest are the products of bilateral cut. You can change sides in accordance with the change of weather, situation or your mood. A custom-made winter or autumn coat can be leather on one side and waterproof on the other. Another option is a strict monochrome coat, which at the same moment can turn into a more informal checkered coat.
English single-breasted coat, the so-called "British" product of coarse wool, luxurious "Chesterfield" or narrow fitted "Kovikot", American "polo" or classic European woolen coat - the choice of models for manual tailoring offered by our studio in "YOUR CITY" is wide and varied. As much as the world of individual style and functional aesthetics can be wide and diverse.