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  Press Releases

Total Press Releases: 101 in 11 pages
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H.E. Mr. Alwaleed ALSHEIKH is appointed as the Executive Secretary of MENAFATF
Posted:1 January, 2017   |Reads:238

Outcomes of MENAFATF 24th Plenary Meeting, Doha, State of Qatar, 15-17 November 2016
Posted:29 November, 2016   |Reads:573

The Thirteenth Issue of MENAFATF Newsletter.
Posted:15 August, 2016   |Reads:957

The Eleventh MENAFATF Annual Report 2015
Posted:13 June, 2016   |Reads:1267

MENAFATF welcomes Australia as an observer
Posted:4 June, 2016   |Reads:1022

Outcomes of MENAFATF 23rd Plenary meeting To Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, Doha State of Qatar, April 26-28, 2016
Posted:4 May, 2016   |Reads:2044

Preparing members of the MENAFATF to the second round of the Mutual Evaluation Process, Economic Policy Institute, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 20-22 March 2016.
Posted:24 March, 2016   |Reads:1322

The Twelfth Issue of MENAFATF Newsletter.
Posted:3 February, 2016   |Reads:1344

Typologies and Capacity Building Workshop, Khartoum, Republic of Sudan, 14-16 December 2015
Posted:24 December, 2015   |Reads:1369

FATF/MENAFATF joint typologies report on "Money Laundering Through the Physical Transportation of Cash".
Posted:21 December, 2015   |Reads:1224

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